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Authorized Imported Cars has been the leading Independent JAGUAR and LAND ROVER service facility in the Tr-State area. We pride ourselves in the ability to provide our customers with full service and attention to detail. Anything relating to your vehicle can be addressed in our shops. We do it all - from A to Z. We want to be your FULL SERVICE One-Stop Service facility.

Our latest project car is complete!

Our 1969 Jaguar XKE restoration project is now complete and ready for a new owner. This car is fully restored, every nut and bolt was lovingly worked by our dedicated small team. Take a look and let us know what you think…





Thank You to all our veterans!



Ice storm

Due to the ice storm, we have elected to keep the shop closed on Wednesday February 5th. We will resume normal working hours on Thursday the 6th. Please keep yourselves warm and safe during all of these recent winter obstacles…


Winter Wonderland…

Although we are almost completely covered in snow, we have enough projects to keep us busy in our warm little workshop. Mark and I are in the main building working on a few Land Rovers, while Steve continues in the other building on our 1969 Jaguar XKE project. All of this snow might be slowing us down, but we are still working hard to get all of our work done. Our daily work load is tremendous as well as our winter projects that need to be done come the warm Spring weather. Hopefully we can keep our heads above all this white fluffy stuff!


Welcome to 2014

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from all of us here at Authorized Imported Cars. Our small team of dedicated specialty technicians is continuing to work just like Santa’s elves in the workshop . We continue to be Busy, Busy, Busy – with spring and summer deadlines coming quick upon us! For our daily shop updates, please refer to our FACEBOOK page. You can click the link from the main page of our website to go directly to Facebook, or click on the tab for GALLERY to see the many photos of our many projects and daily workload. Thanks for your interest!


Happy Thanksgiving!

We will be closed until Monday morning so we can spend some time with our families. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


1974 Jaguar E-type V12 Roadster

Here we have a special V12 Jaguar which we are modifying and fitting a 5-Speed Transmission and uprated clutch assembly. This is one of about 8 Jaguar E-type projects we have going on in the shop right now. We are very busy rebuilding a few XK engines, transmissions, and rusted chassis. It is quite a rare sight to see all these rare a classic Jaguars all in one place.



Fourth of July Holiday

We will be closed for the 4th of July Holiday and will reopen 8am Monday July 8th. Have a Safe And Wonderful Holiday.


New Restoration Bays are full!

Since the workload is continuously coming in at Authorized Imported Cars, we have expanded into some additional space and added a few more restoration bays. Our master body and restoration expert, Steve Dowling, is hard at work on a few interesting projects: 1967 Jaguar XKE 2+2 Coupe, 1968 Jaguar XKE Roadster, 1971 Porsche 911 Coupe. A 1988 Jaguar XJS Coupe is awaiting in the other side of the building. Stay tuned for progress updates and photos…




The unusual and never seen

This Rover is one of our unique projects. We truly do have an interesting job here at Authorized Imported Cars. Almost everyday we get to see, feel, and hear some of the most interesting cars. Many of these cars are something that most people never get the pleasure of seeing in person. We get to help keep these cars going for many generations to come. This Rover 2000 from the sixties is a perfect example. How many of you have ever actually seen one of these? These Rover’s were way ahead of their time in both styling and options. Do a google search and learn more about these Iconic Rovers. The ROVER car company had many innovations before they came out with their famous LAND ROVER utility vehicles.