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Authorized Imported Cars has been the leading Independent JAGUAR and LAND ROVER service facility in the Tr-State area. We pride ourselves in the ability to provide our customers with full service and attention to detail. Anything relating to your vehicle can be addressed in our shops. We do it all - from A to Z. We want to be your FULL SERVICE One-Stop Service facility.

Memorial Day

Remember the sacrifices of those who lost their lives, and have a SAFE Memorial Day!


No Transmission Dipstick?

Remember the days when transmission maintenance meant you periodically checked your transmission fluid level by pulling a metal dipstick from a tube alongside your engine? Well those days are rapidly coming to a close. Many new vehicles are doing away with the transmission dipstick and easily accessible tubes for adding fluid to your car’s transmission.

Here is the reason for the change: a vehicle owner can damage a transmission by overfilling or putting the wrong transmission fluid in the car.

Transmission fluid is not a generic item any more. Various manufacturers are installing fluids with specific formulas to match the precision internal components of modern transmissions. Use the wrong fluid and the transmission can fail long before the car’s new car warranty expires.

Manufacturers do not like replacing transmissions under warranty. It is expensive. Owners get upset. And proving the owner damaged the transmission by using the wrong fluid is both difficult to do and often is more expensive than replacing the transmission.

Sadly many of these owners had their transmission fluid changed by a quick change oil and fluid shop. Try getting the quickie lube shop to pay for the blown transmission.  Good luck….

To protect themselves, manufacturers are making it difficult to service transmissions. They are extending recommended service intervals. And in some cases are offering pre-paid maintenance services in the price of a new car.

Transmission fluids still break down. They still get dirty. And they still need to be changed. Failure to maintain a transmission through routine service will shorten the transmission’s life. But from the manufacture’s point of view, a transmission that fails outside the warranty period is not their problem. And since most people who purchase new cars do not keep the vehicles much beyond five years or 100,000 miles, the original purchaser does not much care either.

So what should you do?  Experienced mechanics change the transmission fluid on their own vehicles every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Why?  They want their vehicles to last. They understand the importance of transmission services. They have special tools and equipment needed to evacuate and replace fluids. And they know how to select the correct fluid for the vehicle.

If you own a newer car – particularly one you want to keep for 200,000 miles – or if you just purchased a used vehicle, visit a qualified independent repair shop that sells high end lubricants such as Amsoil. Let them check your fluids and follow their recommendations for transmission maintenance and service.


Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

 So we can spend some quality time with family, the shop will be closed during the Thanksgiving Holiday from Thursday thru Sunday. We will return to action Monday morning.  


Personal service and attention…

 Getting to know the technician who is actually working on your car can go a long way for your comfort level in leaving your cherished vehicle in good hands. At an independent shop, such as Authorized Imported Car, you have the opportunity to build relationships with those that handle all of your vehicle needs. This will help build confidence and security that the repairs will be handled with care. Independents are able to give personalized care to your vehicle and are more responsive to your phone calls, as well as keeping you up to date on their findings during the service and repair process. With a dealership, you tend to be more of a number rather than a person, and you may never know who worked on your car, much less feel confident in their skills. For a large dealership, you may even find it difficult to reach a live person to discuss the repairs over the phone.



Its hectic around here!

First, we sold our red Series one Jaguar XKE, and its new owner is getting alot of enjoyment running it through the gears… We are still in the process of finishing three other Jaguar E-Types and then we still have a few others that will need restoration. Within the next couple of weeks we will be done with the metal work on the ’67 E-Type roadster project and then it can come off the rottiserie so the finish work can begin.

Our current service workload is also very busy with newer Jaguars and Land Rovers. We are working on a Land Rover Discovery II engine overhaul which includes our improved virtually “bullet proof” engine modifications. Our daily workload has included many Land Rover Discoveries, LR3’s, LR4’s, and BMW era Range Rovers. All major jobs which have been keeping us very busy! The 2004-2008 Jaguar XJ8 (X350 & X356) sedans have also been a popular sight within our workshops. At least once a week for the past couple of months we have been doing timing chain component upgrades on the 4.0 liter 1997-2003 Jaguar XJ8 and XK8 cars. There seems to be a renewed interest in these wonderful V8 Jaguars.

With the great summer weather we have had this season, its no surprise that we have seen our fair share of convertibles. Many Triumphs, MGs, and Austin-Healeys have come in for repairs or maintenance. Several Jaguar XK8s have been in to upgrade their convertible top hydraulic lines. We upgraded a few before the customer’s got the “dreaded green shower”, however some came in too late… That’s a messy ordeal!

I guess we are very fortunate to have so much work to keep us busy! Thanks for all your confidence in allowing us to take care of your cars.


Jaguar XKE E-Types are our Specialty for over 30 Years!

If you have been looking for a collector grade Jaguar XKE, look no further.  Your search is over!  We have several great examples in stock, so come check them out.  We can also build you your dream car.  With the collector car auction prices soaring higher and higher each year, now is the time to buy a Jaguar XKE.  Call today to discuss further 908-788-1982.

IMG_1578.JPG colorado1 68redxkeatshop 20150618_174704 65xkeproject jeffxkeint67 jeffxkeside67 GUNMETAL XKE COUPE


Our Jaguar XKE is still available and gets a nice write up!




A friends visit…

Our good friend Chuck from Monocoque Metalworks came for his first in person visit recently.  Click the link below to read all about his visit and how he felt like a “kid in a candy store”.  http://www.monocoque-metalworks.com/main/2014/09/shop-visit-authorized-imported-cars-flemington-nj/


A new set of Triple SU Carburettors for a very special Jaguar XKE

Some say finding a triple set of Jaguar XKE carbs is like “finding hen’s teeth”, we accept that challenge!  looking high and low, all over the British Car community we found a brand new set of these highly polished and sought after gems. One of our very special Jaguar E-Type restorations will be the lucky recipient of these beauties!image


Can you guess the year of this Jaguar XKE?

This is a photo of one of our major projects, a Jaguar XKE. Can you guess what year it is, and how you determined the year?  There are two items still on this Jaguar which will tell you the correct year.  This is an original Jaguar with all original parts. It can only be this one particular year.  The first person to correctly determine the year of this Jaguar and post how they came to this determination will receive a nice award from us!