A long trip back to Germany…

We found this very complete “Barn-Find” 1967 Jaguar E-type that has been sitting since the mid 1970’s.  It is very rare to find such a complete car that has not been destroyed from the ravishes of time.  To our surprise, this car was originally delivered new to GERMANY and had some very special and unique items that were only fitted to German delivery cars (cut-down knock offs, steering lock, kpm, ect).  On top of that, the car originally went to Peter Lindner’s firm.  Lindner was a famous race car driver many years ago!  Being such a unique, solid, and complete example, it was no surprise that a German buyer purchased this awesome Jaguar from us.


IMG_5430 IMG_5427 IMG_5426 IMG_5425 IMG_5422 IMG_5421 IMG_5420 IMG_5419 IMG_5418 IMG_5417 IMG_5415 IMG_5414 IMG_5413 IMG_5412 IMG_5410 IMG_5409 IMG_5408 IMG_5407 IMG_5406 IMG_5405


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