A little Humor! Well, not really, but it is funny now.

I came across this picture on the internet and it gave me a good chuckle. It reminded me of a time a few years ago, where this would have been relevant. I don’t know if any of you remember the Triumph Sports Cars, but the TR7 (and TR8) were the last of the small British sports cars to come to this country. They lasted about a year longer than the MG. The car first came out in 1975 and lasted until October 8th 1981. The wedge styling was very futuristic for the 70’s. As its advertisments boasted, it was “The Shape of Things to Come!”. Its true, cars eventually adopted the rakish wedge type design. But before that became the norm, The TR7 was mocked as the flying door stop, or a wedge of cheese… It also didn’t help that the car was initially unreliable and fell apart as you drove! By 1980, the car had spawned the convertible variant and reliability and quality issues were mostly resolved. It was too late, the car was headed to its grave.

A few years ago, I had an all original one owner low mileage convertible 1980 Triumph TR7 here at the shop. We had maintained this car here since new! The car was 100% perfect in every way. The owner asked us to sell the car for him. We sold it to an out of state buyer via the internet. The buyers informed me that they really didn’t know much about these little British cars but loved the styling and always wanted one. The new owners were coming from the mid-west to pay and pick up the car. They flew in early on a Friday morning and arrived promptly at the shop. I was engaged with another customer when they arrived. They said “take your time we will look around and see all the neat cars you have here”.

While they were waiting, they began to glance through the copy of “THE TRIUMPH BUYERS GUIDE” that we had on our book shelf. There are two sections in that book devoted to the TR7 – the early cars and the late cars. After reading the section about the early cars they put the book down and came to me and said “after reading that book, we changed our mind – we don’t want the car!” They never even saw the car in person, and rushed out the door and left. The early TR7 chapter they read really does say – DONT BUY! The later chapter tells how great the 1980 car became. If only they kept reading.

I was upset about loosing the sale, but looking back, it is a funny story…



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