Preventative maintenance

A simple part, like this heater valve from a Jaguar S-Type, can create MAJOR headaches if preventative maintenance is ignored. Note the pink stains from leaking engine coolant/antifreeze.  If left unrepaired this valve would have continued to leak. This leak would have shorted out the delicate climate control computers.  We have seen this happen often and the repair parts cost over $2000.  Replacing the heater valve at the first sign of trouble is your best line of defense against a high repair bill.  This $290 part can cause over $2000 in damage if left unrepaired. Fresh antifreeze/coolant will also help prevent corrosion to the delicate engine cooling system components.  Car manufacturers recommend flushing your coolant every couple of years to keep corrosion problems from developing. Let us MAINTAIN your car so you don’t have to worry about high repair bills.   20130227-094403.jpg