Preventative maintenance

A simple part, like this heater valve from a Jaguar S-Type, can create MAJOR headaches if preventative maintenance is ignored. Note the pink stains from leaking engine coolant/antifreeze.  If left unrepaired this valve would have continued to leak. This leak would have shorted out the delicate climate control computers.  We have seen this happen often and the repair parts cost over $2000.  Replacing the heater valve at the first sign of trouble is your best line of defense against a high repair bill.  This $290 part can cause over $2000 in damage if left unrepaired. Fresh antifreeze/coolant will also help prevent corrosion to the delicate engine cooling system components.  Car manufacturers recommend flushing your coolant every couple of years to keep corrosion problems from developing. Let us MAINTAIN your car so you don’t have to worry about high repair bills.   20130227-094403.jpg


A lot of things going on

The shop has been extremely busy and we have even sold most of our Pre-owned Jaguars and Land Rovers. Don’t worry we always have some interesting cars coming in looking for new homes. As a matter of fact we have a beautiful 2001 Jaguar S-Type that just came in.

A few of our major winter projects have gotten underway and I’m sure we will have enough time to complete them before the spring motoring season. We are in the process of building up several high performance engines, including a Jaguar Super V12 and a Bullet Proof Land Rover 4.6 Liter V8. We even have a very rare Land Rover Diesel Forward Control and a Daimler SP250 Roadster to prepare and get ready for the spring.

We have been replacing a lot of faulty transmissions lately. Even though the new car manufacturers consider their transmissions “sealed for life”, we still believe it is a good idea to change the fluid and filter on these vehicles. Here at Authorized Imported Cars, we have the proper tools, parts, and diagnostic equipment to enable us to properly service these transmissions. It is a computer aided process to service and fill these transmissions to the proper fluid level – there are no dipsticks for checking the level. Servicing the transmission is not something an enthusiastic car owner can do on a weekend with a few tools and and some fluid like in the good old days.

This weekend we will be away at a technical training program focusing on the BMW Mini Coopers. We will gain some fresh hands on knowledge about the new drivetrain diagnostics, coding, and programming. Mid-March we will be traveling to Florida for the National Technicians Training Conference to keep our Jaguar and Land Rover expertise up to date.


Gone are the Simple days.

First we saw vehicles with no “user friendly” way of checking the transmission fluid – no dipstick – no way for a conscientious car owner to check his fluids on his/her own.  Now we are seeing more and more vehicles without engine oil drain plugs and dipsticks.  This has been the way for Mercedes for many years, but the newer JAGUARS and LAND ROVERS have adopted this method.

A typical oil change is not something that can be completed in a mater of minutes with these newer cars and trucks. It is a more involved process:

Take for example a newer JAGUAR or LAND ROVER with the 5.0 Liter V8 Engine.  First you must run the vehicle to proper operating temperature.  This will help the oil flow smoothly for step two.  With the engine warmed up and turned off, you can access a tube within the oil filler on the top of the engine.  Now you can fit the proper “suction” tool to suck out the oil from the engine.  While the oil is being removed you may change the oil filter on top of the engine.  Once you have completed these steps, proceed to fill the engine with the proper grade oil to Jaguar or Land Rover’s specs for oil and filter change – about 8 quarts.  With the proper JAGUAR/LAND ROVER scan tool, verify that the oil level is within specs.  Now you need to run the engine for a few minutes to warm and circulate the oil.  Turn the engine off and wait approximately 10 minutes.  Use the onboard computer to verify your oil level is correct.  Now use the scan tool to reset the oil service interval settings/warnings.

If you think this is a project, you should see what we have to do in order to perform a transmission fluid/filter service and verify the proper fluid levels – that is a real project.

On a positive note, Thank you to Jaguar and Land Rover!  By sucking the oil from the top of the engine, we don’t have the annoyance of oil dumped or spilled on us from up above!