Don’t Run On Empty!

Recently we have had several vehicles towed in with a no start condition.  One Land Rover died at the car wash and a Jaguar wouldnt start in a customer’s garage.  Both vehicles had the same problem – a seized fuel pump.

With the cost of fuel soaring, many people are running their fuel tanks close to empty.  This can create MAJOR problems and BIG expenses.  During this cold time of year you should try to keep your fuel tank full or as close to full as possible.  Excess moisture in your fuel will cause condensation in the open space within your fuel tank.  This condensation will eventually settle to the bottom of the tank causing many corossion related problems.  It could lead to costly seized fuel pumps or injectors, frozen/broken fuel lines, rusted out fuel tanks, or it could leave you stranded.  Remember, top-up that tank to eliminate moisture problems. 

If you have an older vehicle or classic car sitting in storage, you should use a fuel stabilizer that helps combat moisture problems.  We have one old JAGUAR that has been sitting since the summer.  Its twin SU carburettors are stuck with a white film of corossion.  Now they need another costly overhaul which could have been avoided if we had listened to what we preach!