The True Cost of “Cheap” Service

The True Cost of Cheap Service:

A customer of ours “supposedly” got a good deal on a brake job, so he had this other shop do the work.  Well, for several reasons he wasnt happy with this shop.  He then brought the car to us after being annoyed with the constant non-stop brake squealling.  After looking thru the wheels at the brakes, we could see they were new.  They may have been new, but you could see they were inferior quality to the Genuine Jaguar parts we would have used.  They didnt even have any anti-squeal shims or hardware.  Further inspection showed the caliper brackets were completely rusted.  The brake pads were bound up in the rusted brackets and could not slide freely as they should – not to mention the lack, or non existant lubrication to help the pads slide freely to apply and release as brake pads do.  The customer wasnt happy when I told him we would not have performed an inferior job such as this.  After he told me what he paid for this “cheap” brake job, all I could say was “That is more than the Jaguar Dealer would have charged, and WAY more than we would have charged!”  There was nothing good about this bad deal!  He asked us to help elliminate the noise.  When we went to take the rear wheels off to gain access to the brakes my day got longer.  5 out of 10 lug nuts sheered right off in the wheel.  The shop had never cleaned the lugs and put them back on all rusty with an impact gun.  No cleaning, no never-seize, no proper torquing of the wheels.  It was lucky he never got a flat tire, because this could not be repaired roadside.  It took over 4 hours to cut and chissel off those broken lugnuts.  This was nearly an impossible job without damaging the cosmetics of the rim – I guess permanent scars to remind the owner of what happens when you leave your car in the wrong hands!  We dont use Cheap inferior parts, we always use premium/oe parts.  When performing any brake job we always clean, degrease, and bead-blast the caliper brackets to remove all rust, scale, and build-up.  After inspection for wear, we then properly lubricate the pad slide surface and the slide pins.  Now we put the brakes back together properly.  After bleeding the brakes, we take the vehicle for a long test drive and fully bed in the new brakes.  This is why our brake jobs NEVER come back for noise or any other complaints!  Any lessons learned?



Our newest technician at the shop, Jeremy, has a new addition to his family.  Congratulations to Jeremy and Becca Hughes for the arrival of their Healthy Baby Boy!

I’m sure as he grows up around all these cars he will become a car enthusiast, maybe even a Jaguar or Land Rover Guru…