Some good Weather!

Well, so far it has been a mild end for 2012.  I have seen a quite a few Classic Jaguar and Land Rover Owners take their babies out for a spin during this nice weather – but dont forget – make sure your car has the proper antifreeze.  Without antifreeze you could subject your car to a few serious problems.  Even though it has been a bit warmer, as you drive the cool air blowing through your radiator can cause water to freeze in your radiator and in your engine.  Antifreeze also protects vital cooling system parts from corossion.  That is why it is always important to look after your  “cooling system” during the cooler months…

We have a Beautiful 1998 JAGUAR XJ8L (Long Wheel Base) Sedan available at this time.  It has a Titanium Exterior w/Oatmeal Leather.  This car has all the bells and whistles expected in a Jaguar.  It has just been fully serviced and has had many upgrades and enhancements.  Come check it out!  If you are looking for something to combat some severe winter roads – Come by and check out a Land Rover or two!  The best4x4xfar!