A little Spark in your life!

Your car is like your love life – it needs a little spark every now and then. You should change your spark plugs according to your owner’s manual or service schedule. Worn out spark plugs waste fuel, and they can also damage the other ignition components and emissions systems. The result: A repair as expensive as “making it up” to your significant other after you forget an anniversary…

A flashing “Check Engine Light” almost always means a MISFIRE! This is usually a fault of the ignition system and the spark plugs are most likely the culprit. I have seen many JAGUAR V12’s with the Marelli ignition cause major misfires due to worn Spark Plugs. Left unrepaired, this misfiring can cause the catalytic converters to heat up “cherry red” and catch the car on fire. Many beautiful JAGUAR XJS’s met the junk man in this fashion…


Snow? Use your Land Rover Terrain Response!

We are supposed to be getting anywhere between 2-6″ of cold wet snow tomorrow morning. If you have a LAND ROVER LR3 or newer RANGE ROVER, turn your “Terrain Response” dial on your center console to the “mud snow gravel” setting. This will optimize your Land Rover’s onboard systems to provide you with the safest performance on these snow covered roads. Remember, just because you have the best4x4xfar you need to keep control and drive safely for the road conditions. Stay Safe!


Why are you pressuring me to check my tire pressure?

Because you should check your tire pressure regularly!  Underinflated tires produce more drag and heat – making it more difficult to ride smoothly.  This increases fuel consumption and tire wear.  You have alot riding on your tires – like your safety –  so you should properly take care of them!  Measure your tire pressure every other time you fill up with fuel and you should be ok.  Usually you can find the correct tire psi listed on a label on the driver’s door jamp and in your owner’s manual.

I know for a fact that my wife’s Land Rover LR3 gets about 18 miles a gallon on the highway, but if the tire psi gets low the fuel economy drops to about 14 miles a gallon.  That is a huge waste of fuel.  I have a customer with a Jaguar V8 who runs 34psi in all four tires.  The ride is a bit stiffer, but he claims to be getting 25 mpg on average.


Do I really need to change my air filter?

I was asked this very question today – After showing the customer the black soot, bug, and grime encrusted air filter from their LAND ROVER.  I could not believe they questioned me on its replacement.  Air filters need to be changed – OFTEN!  Dirty air filters restrict the air flow to the engine, which makes the engine work harder and less efficient as well as creating excess wear and tear.  How do you work when you can’t breathe?  Dirty air filters waste fuel and then your fuel economy plummets – costing you more $ at the fuel pumps.  Have your air filter checked at every oil change.  Replacing a dirty air filter is inexpensive to replace, but will save you big money in the long run!


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On the right side or bottom of your screen, there is a little widget that will allow you to subscribe to our blog.  After subscribing, you will be able to control how and when you receive notifications for our latest news and postings.  Stay up to date with what is happening at Authorized Imported Cars and get the latest news about Jaguar and Land Rover.  I think a subscription to our blog would make a GREAT Christmas Present!  HAHA!


Holiday Hours

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!! So that we may spend a little extra time with our families, we will be closed from Saturday December 22 thru Wednesday December 26. We will reopen on Thursday the 27th at 8am. If you need to reach us for any reason call the shop at 908-788-1982. All calls will be answered or returned.


One Stop Import & Foreign Car Shop

Just a reminder… Authorized Imported Cars is a complete imported and foreign car repair and service shop. We do it all. We are also a fully trained and certified Autologic Diagnostic Center. We have the proper tools and equipment to perform any repair on BMW, MINI COOPER, MERCEDES, VW, VOLVO and many others as well as our specialty – JAGUAR & LAND ROVER. We have spent countless hours obtaining the proper training and knowledge, along with the proper specialty diagnostic equipment and tools, to be able to provide the best care for your vehicle. Thank you for trusting us with all of your automotive needs.



The problem with GAS…in a classic car.

A long time customer just brought in his 1964 Daimler Majestic Major due to poor performance, stalling, and fuel leaking from the carburettors.  Believe it or not, this “old timer” is his daily driver for running errands around town.  The car has always been very reliable, but became hard to start and keep running after our customer decided to visit family in Florida during Thanksgiving.  The car sat idle for two weeks and upon his return the problems began…as well as a heavy fuel smell in the garage.

It was obvious the car was running very lean and starving for fuel.  We removed the carbs for inspection/overhaul and found severe corossion and damage (see pic).  The use of ethanol in todays gasoline is causing many problems with our classic car fuel systems.  The ethanol causes moisture and corossion problems.  The alloy carburettor bodies were pitted, the brass floats were full of fuel due to pinholes from corossion, and the rubber diaphrams brittle and rotted. 

A good cleaning, an updated carburettor kit with new style seals compatible with todays fuel, and a bit of hard work and we had these carbs back on the car.  Not only did they look like new, the car ran better than ever.  However, the story can’t end here!  All classic car owners should be using a fuel additive to protect their precious fuel system.  These additives are available at your local auto supply store or you can call us and we can help 908-788-1982.  You want an additive that will stabilize your fuel and combat the problems with Ethanol.  Remember, two weeks idle is enough to cause a problem.  We had several older Jaguar, Triumph, and MG’s towed in during the summer.  They had been sitting for a few weeks and their carb floats had stuck, sunk or corodded. 

This is something to think about seriously…

  daimler carbsdam



A few new arrivals

We have a 2003 Land Rover Discovery II SE7 in Dark Metallic Green with Beige Leather interior.  Its a clean capable truck with approx 125,000 miles.  This Land Rover has the dreaded “slipped sleeve” engine problem.  Just after the Holidays we will fit one of our new and improved Rover V8 “Bullet Proof” Engines.  Exterior upgrades will include a new off road & winch ready front bumper assembly.  If interested in a great 4×4 Land Rover, hit us up now and get involved in its build-up.

If you have always liked the classic-retro look of the Jaguar S-Type then we may have the perfect Jaguar for you!  Its a 2001 Jaguar with just about 105,000 miles.  The car is a dark Beige with light beige leather interior.  It has the bigger 3.0 liter economical V6 engine and an automatic transmission. 

We will post pictures of this LAND ROVER and JAGUAR to the website within the next couple of weeks.


Dear Deers,

Although rutting season is almost at an end, please be careful of all the Deer running around on our roads here in Hunterdon County.  Cars and Deer do not mix and It can really Wreak Havok on your vehicle as well as you can get seriously injured!  Take a look at this poor JAGUAR…  A deer ran into the side of the car, flew over the hood, into the windshield and over the other side.  Our customer walked away with just a few bruises and a nearly totaled Jaguar.  All the front end panels have dents as well as the roof, a broken windshield and rearview mirror, and a broken exterior mirror.stype