Where has all the time gone?

This has been an extremely busy and hectic year for us, and It’s incredible that its almost over.  There is always so many Jaguar and Land Rover vehicle in the shop – new and old – yet there always seems to be so little time to get everything done.  We are really getting busy trying to get all 2012 projects completed before the end of the year.  We also have a nice inventory of good winter cars for sale.  Our very clean 2002 JAGUAR X-TYPE is all wheel drive and we also have a 1997 LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER 4×4.  If you are in need of a car, consider either of these as a great choice – especially if we are headed for a bad winter with lots of snow…

Speaking of 4-Wheel/All Wheel Drive, JAGUAR has announced that it will now be offering all of its cars with available “Instinctive All Wheel Drive”.  This should make Jaguar more competative in the marketplace since BMW, Mercedes, and Audi have had all wheel drive available on their cars for years.  JAGUAR only had the “Baby” Jag X-Type with all wheel drive, but now you can get it on all of their sedans.  They also tweaked the engine variant for the AWD making it one of the best Fuel Efficient cars offered with All Wheel Drive.  Way to go Jaguar!  As always, all LAND ROVERS are full time Four Wheel Drive.