So Busy!

This has been one hectic week…  We have been busy trying to complete some major Jaguar and Land Rover projects, however, it seems as if we get a little ways thru the job and then we need another part.  That would’nt be a problem, but for some reason every time I try to get a part we get told its on backorder – with no in stock due date.  This is very frustrating to us and the customer.  I have spent most of the week calling around and searching the internet for parts that just are NOT obtainable at this time.  I had some luck, but still searching for many more parts.  When I spend all this time just trying to get the parts to complete a job, the phone ringing all day, and customer and sales people coming in it is hard to get any cars completed.  This has been a very frustrating week!  We also have some venders who have parts, but they dont return phone calls.  We also ordered parts from another vender who verified they had the parts in hand, took our payment, and shipped the part – Its been two weeks and we still have not received the part.  Where is it?  The vendor says they will give us a tracking number.  Where is it?  Now they have gone silent!  At least a couple Jaguars and an MGB were able to go back to their homes today.