Great news for Jaguar…

Jaguar has just knocked Lexus off its long held post and become #1 in customer satisfaction – Way to go JAGUAR!

Today in the shop we are going to finish fitting a new headliner to a beautiful ’98 Range Rover and repair all its water leaks from the sunroof.  Our customer wishes to stay dry.  If these major water leaks were to continue leaking into the cabin it could cause costly electronic damage.  The body controler (the main brain of the vehicle) sits under the passenger seat and doesnt take kindly to being submerged in water.  Its amazing what kind of problems a little water can cause in modern automobiles with all the sensitive electrical components.  I heard of a woman who spilled her coffee on the center console of a newer BMW and it caused in excess of $9000 in computer damage.  Wow!

We will also be trying to figure out why a Rolls Royce Corniche has failed to start and we continue to finish up our JAGUAR XK150 Restoration.

I finally got the 1985 Jaguar XJ12 sedan running after many problems. This grey market Jaguar only has 22,000 miles but sitting in storage for many years has made things difficult.  I am very thankful that I will no longer have to push this car around the shop and yard.  It seemed to always be in the way!

Hope everyone has a GREAT labor day weekend!





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